*Dimora is a natural residential compound that has been designed with a unique concept of green community and services perspective. It has created a new way of life focus on the nature and beauty.
*Dimora has created a new way of life, the whole meaning of naturalism which the environment is friendly. Feel the difference and enjoy 36.5 acres of beautifully landscaped open space surrounding clusters of private yet detached, attached, duplexes and apartments, where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in landscape and toxic paints were completely avoided. No chemicals used in the landscape. We emphasize the principle of water conservation, household waste is being recycled and energy is saving by solar energy. Enjoy walking or jogging safely in our specially designed pedestrian oriented areas, which have been planned with you in mind. We provide a lifestyle for those who prefer natural things in their lives. At Leena Springs, safety is one of our major concerns. We offer 24hour gated security using security guards whose primary job is to ensure and maintain your safety and comfort. Also, surveillance cameras monitor and control all fences round the clock.

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